A Bag of Cement Or A Bouquet of Flowers?

“Can a woman make a man a millionaire? Yes. But only if he’s a billionaire”

Trust Valentine’s day to unearth all manner of jokes and “Facebook advice” both ancient and new. Brothers have been told:

You are a young and energetic guy at this stage and instead of you to
plan for your future, you are rather chasing Small small girls and
lavishing your penny money on them.. The most astonishing part of it
is, you take them to restaurants to buy them PIZZA. the “Pi” does bit
annoy me than the “Zaa”.. . Have you ask yourself how much they are
selling a bag of cement now? If you don’t know then let me give you
a gist about it.. A bag of cement is equivalent to that food I don’t
want to hear it’s name…. I mean PIZZA…” (Me; what did pizza do to you?…. guys excuse his typos and flawed language)

doesn’t stop there….

“. . . . . My brother, how long are you going to stay in that rented
apartment?” (Me; yes brother how long? haha )

Now even more seriously Mugabe recommends;

“Sometimes you look at the girls you spent your money on rather than send it to your mum and you realize that witchcraft is real”



(whispers loudly)  **Seriously you guys listen to advice from this guy**

If I didn’t know any better I’d say the above comments liken women to scavengers who instead of feeding on dead carcass, siphon money from their male counterparts. But I know better, I know women, I know my gender, with that said can a bag of cement love? Can a bag of cement offer care? Can a bag of cement be affectionate? Can a bag of cement help lift your spirits when sad? Can a bag of cement stick by your side through thick and thin? After the bag of cement builds you a house, will it transform your house into a home? Will it marry you? There’s only so little joy in a bag of cement despite it’s visionary representation.

As women we  represent deep beauty. Our beauty runs from the roots of our soul to the face of our being. It blossoms at the sincere sight of true affection. It’s simply not our fault we enjoy a box of chocolate, flowers,  freaking PIZZA ex cetera, things that attract the coin. There is no objective right or wrong numerical amount you should spend on women, that said nothing should stand in between you and the woman you love. Live for the tender and warm moments shared.

Melt her heart with chocolate or harden it with a bag of cement, your choice.

“She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won”

_Shakespeare_ ‘Henry VI’



13 thoughts on “A Bag of Cement Or A Bouquet of Flowers?

  1. Awesome post!!! I enjoyed how brief and informative it was. I like how you juxtaposition Cement and Pizza to signify them. I didn’t know that Pizza was the same price as cement: Now I know:) Indeed, women are complex beings and not food or anything will impress them. You can’t objectify them.

  2. “…No matter how smart we are, we are all idiots at seventeen.. ” someone wrote, but that ‘idiocracy’ that may include thinking of buying a box of pizza than bag of cement, makes boys men, and ladies women. Interesting thinking

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